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  • I’m nervous to say “this will never pass”, though, because so many backwards reproductive rights bills have passed over the last year or so. Sure, members of the Arizona legislature might have marital sex, but this tends to be an us/them kind of discussion where people don’t think about how THEIR lives will be affects [...]

  • What’s most disappointing and shallow about this apology is that he didn’t even apologize for, what was for me, the worst and most disgusting part of his rant: demanding that women who want their birth control paid for by their insurance should pay back the rest of society by posting videos of themselves having sex [...]

  • I am so glad that the action these women (and some men!) took was at least effective in putting this bill into doubt. It is so important that we stand up for our reproductive rights, and that we stand up for autonomy over our own bodies, as frustrating as it is that we have to. [...]

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    I think that if anything good came out of the writing of this article, it is the take-down of the author’s ideas. People are writing incredibly intelligent, well-thought-out comments either relating their own experiences growing up poor, whatever their race, and the way it really is. People are also writing about privilege: the kind that [...]

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    I was really glad to read this response. Looking through the other comments, I couldn’t help but think that readers, and the author of this post, had fallen into acting in a way they would malign in other contexts: Seeing a woman and judging her, and other women who are choosing or not choosing to [...]

  • Can I ask what his reasons are for making such drastic cuts in a very basic service? I know that every governor is cutting back, and citing a lack of funds, and that some cuts need to be made (or, you know, taxes raised, but apparently I’m the only person who sees this as a [...]

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    I’m really going to have to disagree. Most college students do have sex at college, but BYU students are required to read and sign the honor code before entering the school, agreeing to live by it. Presumably, students go to BYU because they are interested in living according to these kinds of religious rules. The [...]

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