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    A standing ovation for lying and incompetence simply because the lying incompetent individual is a woman. Oh, hold on. My mistake. It’s because she’s a Democratic woman. I don’t remember this support for Condoleezza Rice’s acts of incompetence.

    How pathetic.

  • Well, he’s right. It’s an incredibly small percentage of GOP candidates who are making these bizarre comments, and it is such an obvious political tool by Democrats to be trying to apply them to the GOP as a whole. Okay, so some nitwit from Assnowhere, Indiana made a stupid comment about rape and God. Unless [...]

  • Jason commented on the blog post “Racist” signs expose racist signs   2 years ago · View

    Two things- First of all, in many of the pictures that were shown, the message is covered up much more thoroughly than in the one that we see. Second, you say that it would be counterproductive to the stickers’ purpose if we could read the message. So . . . . . aren’t you basically [...]

  • Jason commented on the blog post “Racist” signs expose racist signs   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    No, I’m sorry, but that’s not respecting free speech. That’s cutting the microphone cord when you don’t like what the person is saying in their speech. That’s tearing out the pages of the book because you don’t like what is in it. That’s changing the words of a song on the radio because it says [...]

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