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  • Well that’s a relief, still it is unfortunate that as women we are constantly having to defend our rights to govern our own autonomy and to retain the legal rights to make all medical decisions concerning our reproduction. Needless to say this is becoming a frustrating and tedious battle here in the US. I am [...]

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    In my pre-teen and teenage years I hated myself and my body because I was not a skinny minnie in any shape or form. I have always been and always will be a larger woman. It took me a long time to start ignoring the social expectations of what I should look like as a [...]

  • Jessica commented on the blog post Friday Feminist Fuck You: Barilla pasta   11 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    I think we should also take a look at this comment which can be construed as an archaic view of women. “Ours is a classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role” Where the woman plays what fundamental role? Being barefoot and pregnant cooking pasta in the kitchen? That sort of fundamental role? Makes [...]

  • I stopped watching television. I honestly feel so much better without it. I have Netflix for basic movies and TV shows and that’s really it, aside from the occasional streaming website that carries a show I want to watch. My dad still watches the news (*sigh* sadly it’s Fox News and he’s a conservative) and [...]

  • Jessica commented on the blog post Is the LGBT pride flag unpatriotic?   1 year, 2 months ago · View

    I didn’t realize that the Korean war was really a battle to end certain people’s civil rights in the USA. Thanks for the memo Mr. Green.

  • Jessica commented on the blog post Quick hit: @yesyouresexist is my favourite new feed   1 year, 2 months ago · View

    My boyfriend cleans and cooks because for starts he actually can cook and he’s a very clean person. I can leave things messy for days before it starts to get on my nerves, it gets on his nerves right away so he’s cleaning all the time. I try to compromise and help him out though because [...]

  • Jessica commented on the blog post Quote of the Day: Rape kits are…abortions?   1 year, 2 months ago · View

    Rape kits are a form of abortion? Seriously? You’d think with the easy access to the Internet these days these insane politicians could just Google ‘what is ___’ before they open their mouths and say something so utterly ignorant. This is truly sickening. I know several women who have suffered through rape, molestation and other [...]

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