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  • Thumbnail A SYTYCB Entry As a feminist and social critic, I often point out how the advertising and marketing spheres are a major source of sexism and misogyny. From sexualization to objectification, advertisers know that sex (and poking at people’s insecurities) sells. Unfortunately, a common reaction to  my blogs  which point  out the sexism and sheer ridiculousness of advertising [...]

  • Thumbnail A SYTYCB Entry The above image has been going around Facebook to the same devastating results as the  “When did this…become hotter than this…?”  meme. Both images were taken from advertising and marketing campaigns by two large companies, Dove and Victoria’s Secret, who have been appropriating body positivity to continue to profit off of people’s insecurities. While the [...]

  • Thumbnail Misogyny against women on the internet has received increased attention in the past few months in response to Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter project ” Tropes vs Women in Video Games “. Sarkeesian runs  Feminist Frequency  and makes videos about feminism and sexism in popular culture. She made a proposal for a video series about sexism in video games and used Kickstarter to [...]

  • Brenna McCaffrey wrote a new blog post: “How to be a woman,” or why we like gender rules   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    ThumbnailFrom inspirational quotes and images on Tumblr and Pinterest to the strict gender roles enforced by many religions, it is clear that many people like being told how to perform their gender. Self-help books like “Men Are from Mars…”, “Rules of a Lady” graphics, and even gendered advertising create the gender rulebooks that surround us. They [...]

  • Brenna McCaffrey commented on the blog post Class, accessibility, and rebranding feminism   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    You’re reading my argument totally wrong. There are so many people who would never pick up a book explicitly about feminism. (And many people who just won’t pick up books.) I believe these are often the people who would really benefit from feminism. I wasn’t framing this in terms of race at all, besides the [...]

  • Brenna McCaffrey commented on the blog post Class, accessibility, and rebranding feminism   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    I love Valenti and Zeilinger’s books, but the way that they are written caters to a very specific, educated and liberal audience. Obviously, the choice or ability to not read is very much about education, but I truly believe that we need to find alternate ways of bringing feminist ideals to people who would not [...]

  • Brenna McCaffrey wrote a new blog post: Class, accessibility, and rebranding feminism   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    ThumbnailOriginally posted at The Feminist Anthropologist Captain Obvious has brought the news to us this weekend:  abortion is not the cause of society’s ills  and feminists are not all man-hating, childless, cold-hearted, career-minded bitches. Today’s feminist movement has tackled so much, but one issue of supreme importance that is still being fought for is a more favorable view of [...]

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: Pink sequined tutus: The gendering of dance   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    ThumbnailOriginally posted at The Feminist Anthropologist.   This past weekend was the first time in fifteen years or so that I have been in the audience of a dance performance. I have been a dancer since I could walk, though I have always had a frayed relationship with the activity that demanded so much of my time [...]

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: The ultimate birth control myth   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    ThumbnailThere is a myth about birth control, perpetuated primarily by persons who have never had to obtain it, that it is readily available to anyone who might need it. This is one of the most pervasive and harmful pieces of misinformation used by politicians and pundits to claim that the mandate for insurance to cover the [...]

  • ThumbnailOriginally posted at The Anthropology Student This Valentine’s Day, we’re going to talk about women’s rights and why this man’s argument is wrong. Lee Doren, who vlogs at the YouTube channel  HowTheWorldWorks, makes an admirable attempt to remove the issue of religion from the current debates surrounding Obama’s contraception mandate for all healthcare plans. I encourage you to watch [...]

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: Sofia the First: More of the same from Princess culture   2 years, 9 months ago · View

    ThumbnailDisney is unleashing a new Princess to better capitalize on one of their largest target audiences–preschool-aged girls.  Sofia the First , who is set to get her own TV show and movie in 2012, looks just like all the other Disney princesses. She is pale-skinned and blue-eyed, with a tiny waist that is smaller than her head. She [...]

  • Brenna commented on the blog post YEA or NAY: The “Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street”   2 years, 10 months ago · View

    Perhaps well-intentioned, The Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street is still sexist and misogynistic. As a young female college student in NYC, I don’t want to feel like the way I am dressing, primping, and speaking affects who listens to me at the General Assembly. This film/website is an abuse of power that harms the [...]

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: Contextualizing Boobies   2 years, 10 months ago · View

    ThumbnailThough it is (to my delight) purple this evening, the Empire State Building has been periodically pink this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). I am currently working on a long academic research project concerning the interacting social structures which bring breast cancer into the foreground of the public consciousness, but I’d like [...]

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: Contemplating the Sex Lives of Evangelical Christians   2 years, 11 months ago · View

    ThumbnailI’ve recently developed an academic interest in the American purity movement after reading Jessica Valenti’s  The Purity Myth , watching the documentary  The Virgin Daughters , and becoming outraged at both. For those unfamiliar, the American purity movement is based on Evangelical Christian beliefs about abstinence and the sanctity of marriage. If you’ve ever watched TLC’s giant Duggar family on  However-Many-Kids-They-Have-Now and [...]

  • Brenna posted an update:   3 years ago · View

    Visit my blog, The Anthropology Student, at http://www.brennamccaffrey.com!

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: Rape Culture and Cosmopolitan Magazine   3 years ago · View

    My name is Brenna, I’m eighteen, and I’ve been glossy-magazine-free for nine months now. That’s right. Back at the advent of 2011, I decided to eschew Cosmo, Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, etc., in hopes of escaping a culture that I continually noticed was telling me how to dress, how to look, how to [...]

  • Brenna commented on the blog post Violence in Baltimore Evidence of a Transphobic Culture   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    There are definitely pros and cons to that video being public on the internet. The sad fact is that many videos of violence receive too many views and bad publicity– even in my own small hometown, videos of high schoolers fighting are seen all over Youtube, with friends standing by and egging their party on. [...]

  • Brenna wrote a new blog post: Violence in Baltimore Evidence of a Transphobic Culture   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    (Warning: The following video link shows real and brutal violence.) This video , which surfaced on the internet yesterday morning, shows a transgender woman being beaten by two female customers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. The two young women appear to have attacked the woman after realizing she was transgender, brutally and violently kicking [...]

  • Brenna posted an update:   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    Thank you, new edition of Ms., for guiding me right past the glossy magazine rack. I had been holding up that resolution so well, and I almost cracked tonight. Instead, I got angry reading Ms. FUCK YEAH FEMINISM.

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