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    Hair, hair, hair! I felt the way you do right now when I started taking women’s studies and sociology classes. I was a wreck. EVERYONE was against me because of my gender. As you are learning about various injustices in these political science classes, you will never be able to look at the world the [...]

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    Judging by all the comments on it that said it was disturbing and sick, I assume it’s already been reported. I checked the “Best Quotes” list and I don’t see it on there any more. I’m glad it’s not getting any more exposure.

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    Trigger warning There is an app on Facebook called “Best Quotes”. I don’t even remember why/how I ended up getting these popping up on my news feed, but I read them on occasion. Today, I saw the following:

    “I had sex with my girlfriend last night. It was going pretty good, except the entire time she was [...]

  • “Even in the face of war and natural disaster, Sheen is taking up an enormous amount of media time these days.” I am convinced that the reason for this is just as you said… the world is torn by war, natural disaster, and all this blatant assault. These stories are to distract us from the [...]

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    Glee has been building up the gay character (Curt) from his coming out to his Dad to him switching schools because he was being bullied. I have no clue where she gets that the show shoves homosexuality down our throats. The storyline about a high school glee club is overrun by details about 6-7 stereotypically [...]

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