• Sounds like the President read your blog post before the debate!

  • “Women are literally told not to take up space.” So true. I love the idea of organizing outside of Macy’s! It’s cool that this march had so many stops that addressed such different components of the movement-without-a-name. I think you’re onto something about hesitancies about marches- I think a lot of people (myself included) are [...]

  • mtgoldma commented on the blog post What if kids could vote?   2 years ago · View

    I love this thought experiment, regardless of the feasibility! Considering how much reproductive health policy directly affects people under the age of 18, we should pause to recognize that as long as these young people are not represented, it’s going a serious challenge to take their very real interests into account in the political process. [...]

  • Thanks so much, Mimi, for spelling out the arguments logically in the kinds of terms that public policy debate ought to engage (multiply verifiably facts, consensus). It’s always useful to have these lines of reasoning clear and at our fingertips, and so difficult to formulate them on such an emotionally-charged topic (on all sides). I [...]

  • This is just a heads-up about an upcoming screening, since the calendar function is temporarily broken. I made a documentary about young women’s experiences of sexuality. It’s called Subjectified. We are having a screening and Q&A with the director (me) on Wednesday at Wellesley College. If you are local, come and check it out! If you [...]

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