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  • Huh. If you hadn’t specified, I would’ve thought you were talking about the ball-jointed doll communities, which I always thought were just an extension of figurine collecting. Except, people don’t usually carry around figurines, dress and feed them, like so many BJD collectors do.

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    …they couldn’t be bothered with stories about her?

    Also, the link to the AP story is directed at the WaPo story.

  • He and the Texas Congress just cut the budget of mental health providers and school across the state! I have no words to express how horrified I am with this. “If you don’t like it, vote for someone else” just does not cut it here.

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    I took an anthropology class a few years back and we discussed how repressive/oppressive cultures (beliefs, ethics, etc.) could cause the people of that subset to allow contradicting expressions or actions to relieve the tension caused by the repression/oppression. I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know what their toxic relationship entails, but I [...]

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