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Katie @mixerskid ?

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  • Katie commented on the blog post What we missed   2 years ago · View

    I’ve tried reporting that goddamn “12 Year Old Slut Meme” page like a hundred times… to no avail.

  • Katie commented on the blog post Quick hit: The sexy moral choice   2 years ago · View

    “Marriage is not, and has never been, a way to protect against the harmful, bad and dangerous potential of sex” I couldn’t have said this better. I’m a young feminist who has been a victim of rape and has since healed and experienced beautiful and loving sexual encounters. My being “pure” wouldn’t have deterred my [...]

  • Katie commented on the blog post NFL star stands-up against homophobia   2 years ago · View

    What an eloquent response! Love this.

  • Katie became a registered member   2 years, 1 month ago · View

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