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"raping sex workers is NOT shoplifting. It’s rape." · View
  • Amanda commented on the blog post Miracle on 22nd Street   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    I needed to see that. Christmas leaves me feeling very disillusioned, even more so this year. Next year I want to do something that will not only help me feel the Christmas spirit, but also helps others while doing it. I’m sick of feeling like Scrooge.

  • Hehe, I get this reaction too. I’m taking a double major in Psychology and Women’s Studies and it always freaks them out. Luckily I’m so out there in every way I enjoy getting these kind of reactions, but I find it amazing that people are so surprised/horrified/confused.

  • Amanda commented on the blog post “You Can Never Be Too Thin”   4 years ago · View

    My best friend died as a result of her eating disorder. I know you can be too thin. If they put that kind of ad up in NZ I’d tear the f%@$er down.

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Weekly Feminist Reader   4 years ago · View

    Note: That Portia interview with the Advocate is over a year old. They ask her if she’s going to marry Ellen!

  • We had similar restrictions in New Zealand until very recently. It was a ten year waiting period for any MSM. It is now five with or without a condom. If you are a woman you are required to wait a year before if you have had sex with a man who has had sex with [...]

  • Amanda posted an update:   4 years ago · View

    raping sex workers is NOT shoplifting. It’s rape.

  • I agree with what Thomas says about generational replacement. If we continue to raise our children to be more tolerant, open-minded and accepting, perhaps we can replace our population with that kind of mindset as the older generations pass away.

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Bi Now Gay Later   4 years ago · View

    I use the ‘my partner’ phrase to hide my partner’s gender more often than I’d like as well. It makes me feel ashamed when I do, particularly because I like to think of myself as an out-loud-and-proud kind of person!

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Lady Gaga protests Arizona’s anti-immigration law   4 years ago · View

    I’m glad that she went ahead with her show. These days I don’t think boycotting it would have been as effective. I’m also happy that she can confidentally stand up for the right thing without needing to water it down to suit mainstream audiences. Yay Lady Gaga!

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Bi Now Gay Later   4 years ago · View

    “It’s not fucking Santa Claus”

    Sorry, but that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day!

  • Amanda commented on the blog post From the Front Lines of Rape Culture   4 years ago · View

    What has happened to you is horrible. No person should have to experience what you have.While I can’t identify with what you have been through, I completely agree your last statement. I am the same and I am unapologetic for it. And I have been told that if something happened to me then it would [...]

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Bi Now Gay Later   4 years ago · View

    I agree with what the other commenters have said. I’m a cis-gendered woman who doesn’t really care what gender my partner is (just as long as they are awesome =D) but yet I find myself hesitant to date men because of the ridicule from the queer community and the fetishisation (is that really a word?) [...]

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Street harassment and bystander intervention cartoons   4 years ago · View

    I love it. I love anything with stick people in it to be honest, because stick people are awesome (and the only way I can draw too). It also means that you can get a point across using humour because anything with stick people encourages humour. It’s short, it’s simple and I really like what [...]

  • Amanda commented on the blog post Yes! Yes! I’m a Lesbian! Will you stop bugging me?   4 years ago · View

    When I first came out as bisexual to my best friend I was terrified that she would think that I had feelings for her because we often slept in the same double bed when we hung out. I did tell her, she was fine with, didn’t have any issue with us sleeping together and didn’t [...]

  • Amanda commented on the blog post “How I became a Foursquare cyberstalker”   4 years ago · View

    I didn’t know what Foursquare was apart from a brief mention in our news (I’m from NZ) but this freaks me out. I’ve always said that I wouldn’t care if someone knew stuff about me because I live so far away from a large percentage of internet users but now I’m more aware that, even [...]

  • Amanda commented on the blog post What We Missed   4 years ago · View

    This may seem an insignificant point but in the ‘femmenist’ article there is a reference to women wrapping themselves in a ‘pink flag of immunity’. This never fails to bug me. Why are colours still genderised, even for adult women?!

  • Amanda commented on the blog post My Favorite Female Musicians   4 years, 1 month ago · View

    Don’t forget Amanda Palmer, Peaches and an awesome Marilyn-Manson-esqe group Jack Off Jill!

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