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"Just read a disgusting story where a local chapter of NOW had a men’s health shelter offering prostate cancer tests shut down due to gender discrimination…even though 3 women’s only shelters were already in the town. Feminists HAVE to understand [...]" · View

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About Me

I am a strong proponent of Male’s rights, and am launching the “American Male Revolution.”

I am strongly secular, and as unpopular as this stance may be, I do believe it’s alternative to have been humankind’s single most destructive attribute.

I believe today’s music is horrible. Hard/classic rock is the greatest music ever made, and the only music I listen to. I define this as all the best rock from the Rolling Stones through Guns n’ Roses, or the best rock bands whose debut albums were released between 1963 to 1987.

Most importantly I am a transhumanist/ radical life extensionist, but that’s for another bio.

The American Male Revolution:

In today’s western society, it is the male that faces discrimination, disparity and injustice in social, political, economic, and legal elements. Men face double standards, and are given very little resources to correct the problem. In fact, men are even ridiculed and called sexist for trying to point out the truth that modern day western feminism had gone too far.

Why is it acceptable for American women to be so shallow and hold such double standards? Circumcision reduces pleasure by 75%? the foreskin has 3x more nerve endings than the rest of the penis.And all the health benefit claims are false…I have constant pain and scarring, feel nothing from sex, and about 50% of the time I get an erection, my skin was cut so tightly it cuts and bleeds and is agony (and im 18!) and yet girls tell me foreskin is “gross”yet complain that boys “expect” them to wear short skirts. Well, 4 hour old babies don’t have a choice. Girls do.

Socially, stigmas and standards have heavy disparity against males. Usually, it’s girls using slut in a derogatory manner. Seriously, have you EVER heard two boys make the following conversation-“damn bro, shes hot” “shes a slut though” “damn, that sucks” ??? Men have standards to. If a man is unshaven and fat, he to will be called unattractive. Smaller men are likely to be physically harassed, and men are more likely to be criticized for pursuing “feminine” things, such as the arts. If women act “like men”, they become “tough girls.” If men act “like women”, they become pussys.

Women believe they can act violent towards men.I hate thinking about all the husbands around America who must be horribly abused. Men are often victims of domestic abuse, yet have far less options…sometimes even self defense isn’t even a legal option! Mothers that abuse children, initiate a divorce, and have drug problems STILL collect child support AND get the child in many cases.

Considering the policy on selective service, women’s suffrage becomes questionable. Easy to be pro-war when you have no chance of seeing combat

Should a 25 year old women really get to evacuate a ship before a 50 year old man with a bad knee?

Personally, I believe false rape accusations equal murder. If you go to jail for rape in the United States for rape, you are an automatic target for many prison gangs, some of which have doctrines that DEMAND killing of sex offenders.

Why do males pay more car insurance? What if girls had statistically higher accidents than boys? Would it be fair to charge them more? If you say yes for males but noto females, you CANNOT claim to support equality.

Very good list of information demonstrating the many injustices faced:

Female judge murders child and throws away Men’s rights:

More statistics: http://www.jtest28.com/discrimination.html

These kinds of stories really makes me angry at anyone who pulls the “never hit a girl” card!

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