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  • I don’t think this is jerk-ish at all; you raise a valid question. Here’s my thoughts on why men, too, share responsibility for calling out and attempting to countermand misogyny: 1. When you’re in a privileged subject position — male privilege, white privilege, straight privilege, cis privilege, able-bodied privilege, etc — you are always already [...]

  • Fair warning to all sad, sorry young men trolling the streets of my city: if you cat-call me (as one unfortunate boy discovered the other day), I will not take it. I will instead stop my bike, ask you to please explain precisely why you think it’s acceptable to speak to me that way, and spend the [...]

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    I’m not one to gush unless I feel very strongly about something, but I feel very strongly about Anna North’s America Pacifica, so I’m going to gush a little. Not only is it a remarkable well realized dystopia that features both the Island at the End of the World and the Next Ice Age tropes, [...]

  • Thumbnail(originally posted at The Life Academic ) For the past four weeks, I’ve been teaching at a summer camp for gifted middle- and high-school students. Now that my tenure in the classroom, with these wonderful and invigorating and frustrating kids, is over for this summer, (and as much as I hope I that I’ve taught them a thing or [...]

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