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    Thank you for this! How refreshing! I am Catholic and it was in the Catholic Church that I learned my great respect for all people (grew up, indeed, knowing many out gay Catholics). People outside of the church assume that its 1 billion members are all the same; of course this isn’t the case. Most Catholics that I know support same-sex marriage, the female priesthood, etc. And the members of the body, as you know, are the church just as surely as the pope is. With the help of the (gay, out) priest who married me, I am helping two sets of lesbian friends plan their Catholic weddings (both word services, not full masses, one at a Unitarian Church, one outdoors, both presided at by Catholic lay people). The Catholic Church does teach—which, however small, is something—that one is born gay, not (like many other churches and Abrahamic faiths) that it is a choice. Have you seen Fr. James Martin’s “It Gets Better” Video? That, like your faith, was a gift of the Spirit. God keep you. P.S. Do you read Commonweal Magazine? It’s excellent and paints a fuller portrait of the ”investigation” of the nuns.

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