• Maggie Capwell wrote a new blog post: Coded racism bingo   2 years ago · View

    Following Rachel Maddow’s suggestion to make a “racial reference bingo card,” here’s my version. Spot the coded racism when pundits talk about Obama! To make it a drinking game, take a sip for every square you cross off. Finish your drink for every bingo. For a blackout… well, that seems self-explanatory. B I N G O Slow Rhythm Urban Amnesty Entitlement Angry Eloquent Performer Hates America/ Un-American Lazy Basketball Gangster/ Pimp/ Drug Dealer Free* Inner-City   Exotic “Them” Welfare Dishonest “Race Card” Birth Certificate Illegitimate/ Not a ‘Real’ [...]

  • Maggie Capwell wrote a new blog post: Oh, Texas   3 years, 6 months ago · View

    Oh, Texas . Evidently there is far too much support for queer students at public universities in Texas. Enter the Texas legislature and Rep. Wayne Christian. Rep. Christian introduced an  amendment to a budget bill that would require all public universities with centers that focus on sexuality and gender to set aside an amount of money equivalent to [...]
  • Maggie Capwell commented on the blog post Jesuits settle $166 million sexual abuse suit, charged in another   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    Colonialism: alive and well in the Northwest (and elsewhere). Just like white supremacy.

  • Maggie Capwell wrote a new blog post: Spokane MLK march attempted bombing   3 years, 8 months ago · View

    On Martin Luther King Jr. day in Spokane, the annual MLK unity parade had to be rerouted because of a suspicious backpack that three city workers found on a bench on the corner of Washington and Main. The three workers reported it to the police, and when the police investigated it turned out to contain a [...]

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