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  • Interesting topic.
    One of my UNT professors, when I asked her about this kind of thing once, said that she thought maybe the objectification of women is just translated over to gay society. As in, same-sex objectification is just a reflection of growing up in a society where objectification is OK.

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    We had “Justice for All” come to UNT the other day.  Their arguments were heavily based around convincing people that “abortions” were characterized as late-term abortions.  Oh, and its always called a “baby”, even when its an embryo.  A baby.  Born to ride.

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    It was a pleasant surprise this morning when I came across AskMen.com’s article ” Top 10 Toughest Gay Men “. Generally one would consider AskMen to be a site devoted to straight men (or men-who-have-sex-with-women at least), so the inclusiveness here is nice to see. The article has a very LGBT friendly attitude in the intro. However, their praise [...]

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