• lpetriello@aol.com wrote a new blog post: Feminist literature of the 1970s   2 years ago · View

    The 1970s are often considered the most important decade for feminism in terms of political action. Yet the feminist literature of those times is often overlooked. Here is a description of that literature, arranged in order of the author’s birthdates. I hope it will be of use, or at least of amusement, to you. Carol Hanisch [...]

  • lpetriello@aol.com wrote a new blog post: A timeline of women in world computing   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    I thought it might be interesting to compile–so to speak–a timeline of women in computing around the world. Hopefully this can be of use as historical research or even just inspiration. * 1800s: Ada Lovelace (1815–1852, British), was an analyst of Charles Babbage’s analytical engine (an early mechanical general-purpose computer) and is often described as [...]

  • In 1968, the National Organization for Women published a Bill of Rights, which they had adopted at their national conference in 1967. I thought it might be useful to determine how many parts of this Bill of Rights have been enacted in American law today. I have put each point of the NOW Bill of [...]

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