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  • Fancie Davis wrote a new blog post: I Guess I’m Going to Hell   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen some pretty outrageous political ads, but a new ad by former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee puts the cherry on top of the dishonest, nonsensical Republican sundae. His new message: warning Christian Americans if they vote for President Obama, Hell is where they’ll end up. These [...]

  • Fancie Davis wrote a new blog post: “Gift From God” or the Consequence of Human Free Will?   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    I am a woman who was a victim of sexual assault. I removed this first line from my article numerous times because eradicating it gave me a tiny sense of control over a powerless situation. Rationality overruled emotion, but even as my trembling hands move across the keyboard, I have the scroll bar positioned so I [...]

  • Fancie Davis commented on the blog post One decision away from rape   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    I’m so glad you made it through the door and locked it. This is too common and I empathize because I ended up with a GREAT man, and I too had given men credit when they deserved none at all. Happy that you shared your story.

  • Fancie Davis wrote a new blog post: A president who is great or just good enough?   1 year, 12 months ago · View

    “This foreign policy stuff is a little frustrating,” George W. Bush was quoted saying in the New York Daily News in 2002. I thought of this little colloquialism as I watched the third presidential debate. I listened as Mr. Romney spoke of Syria being Iran’s only ally in the Middle East, but when he said, “Syria [...]

  • Wow, it’s unbelievable that women even agree to do these ads! Since when is being a good father and husband, and fighting for small businesses something new in Washington? Obama does ALL of these things! Oh, and I for one do not think Paul Ryan is handsome. Maybe it’s because I just can’t get over [...]

  • Fancie Davis wrote a new blog post: Republican women! Wake up!   2 years ago · View

    “Who keeps binders full of women?” This was a question Bill Maher asked last Friday night; it’s a question I’ve been asking myself since the second presidential debate. Bill Maher’s answer was “serial killers,” but when Mitt Romney first uttered this phrase, I visualized a wealthy man flipping through a catalog of high-priced call girls. [...]

  • Fancie Davis wrote a new blog post: People don’t die in the emergency room!   2 years ago · View

    “People don’t die when they’re sitting and waiting in the emergency room!” Were these words truly coming out of this man’s mouth as my husband lay curled up in the fetal position, clutching his chest in the corner of a near empty ER? “My husband pays nearly $600 a month for health insurance! What if he [...]

  • Fancie Davis wrote a new blog post: The least respected president in U.S. history?   2 years ago · View

    During the second presidential debate, I found myself, on more than one occasion on my feet, yelling at the TV. I have seen quite a few political debates become heated, but the blatant impudence Mitt Romney showcased was incredible. The GOP thinks that the President was the one that was out of line, but if [...]

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