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    I can definitely relate. I too get frustrated because I can totally see myself as a fan of action movies if not for the fact that the only women in those movies tend to be eye-candy or the “oh my god I’m so helpless, rescue meeeeee!” women, or (of course) both. But yeah, manliest movie [...]

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    because girls are toys…

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    I get frustrated at how casually victim-blaming comments like that are thrown out. Like they aren’t talking about someone’s life being ruined. Wait, did I say frustrated? I meant disgusted.

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    My mom gets upset at me when I curse but says it’s funny when my brother does it. When I confront her about this she tells me, “It just doesn’t sound good coming out of YOUR mouth.” I’m glad I’m not the only one who deals with this frustration :)

  • I went to college at a very small liberal arts (and primarily performing arts) school in new york city where the VAST majority of the male student body was gay. For reasons unknown to me, the red cross decided to come to our school for blood donations, and of course wasn’t willing to take most [...]

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    I love teen comedies (as a not-so-guilty pleasure), but I do get sick of rolling my eyes and shaking my head at the blatant sexism present in almost all of them. When I saw this trailer at the movies I got excited, but also apprehensive, for all the reasons you’ve stated. I guess we’ll have [...]

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    Thank you SO much for this post. Thank you. I had a relationship sort of like this while I was in college, except there wasn’t ever really any name calling. What my boyfriend did was to criticize every single thing I did, from buying the wrong conditioner to preparing food wrong. He would point out [...]

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    I’m glad they’re coming to DC on August 15th. I’ll definitely be there with my boyfriend and whoever else we can get to come with us to protest. I would love an opportunity to call them on their bullshit.

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