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    I like to think he heard you. And in a larger fantasy of mine, he’ll take what he learned back to the Tea Party and be like: ‘Uh, guys, I think we made a mistake. And I’ve been thinking, we’ve been really devaluing women trying to take their ability to choose for their bodies away. [...]

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    All of the bills we are seeing these days legislating women’s bodies and all of the GOP presidential hopefuls pushing to take women’s rights away are efforts to control women everywhere. They would like to see us back in the 50′s- we have made too much progress for their liking. Thank you for sharing your [...]

  • I also feel sorry for his wife. What a turn off- Ooo baby baby, I’m going to take away all of your rights and I want to have intercourse with you and that thing down there on your body that we shouldn’t mention. No wonder she had to go to bed. Funny post- Thank you [...]

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