• And it’s “her gender” not “their gender”. Ungendering trans people is just as bad as misgendering.

  • You just referred to a trans girl as a boy. If you’re going to write an article criticizing transphobia, you probably should be knowledgeable and careful enough not to make that mistake.

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    “Goodman has no trouble using the correct pronouns when talking about Bradley“? Is that a typo or just extreme cognitive dissidence?

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    Gloria Steinem is a transphobe and her version of feminism belongs in a natural history museum. The feminist movement evolved past her a long time ago and thank god we did.

    The only thing that surprises me about her is that people still take her seriously.

  • This is exactly the article I’ve been waiting for. I try to call out cissexism in feminist spaces but it always feels like a losing battle (at least in the short run). If an article/comment/conversation isn’t specifically about trans women, trans women don’t exist. And feminist leaders who have espoused very transphobic beliefs (*cough* Gloria [...]

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    “But teaching boys who already live in a world that applauds them simply for having a penis” FFS. Can “feminists” please stop equating having a penis with being a boy? Why is this so difficult? You can’t be trans-supportive only when taking about trans-specific issues and then trans-erasing the rest of the time. This is [...]

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    My only question would be if this ban included anti-trans* conversion therapy , which is the same torture and leads to the same suicidal and self-hating results but seems much more stomachable by the psychiatric community. In the soon to be released DSM-V, the APA put a Canadian conversion therapy advocate named Kenneth Zucker on [...]

  • “Forever conscious about… her own privilege,” really? Was she forever conscious of her privilege when she was calling for the extermination of trans women? Were you forever conscious of yours when you decided to write this entire article without mentioning her beliefs? I’m not saying that you can’t admire other things about people like Rich [...]

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