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  • Vanessa commented on the blog post On space, trains and the performance of masculinity   10 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    I have to say I agree with you. While I see many men taking up excessive space on the subway by spreading their legs as they sit, etc, I find that they are usually pretty accommodating when someone actually does sit beside them. As such, I feel like this may be more symptomatic of an [...]

  • Vanessa commented on the blog post A little more on Lorde, Royals, and Racism   1 year ago · View

    As a non-American feminist who reads this blog religiously I have to say that I find this response disappointing. While any personal attacks you may have received are unjustified and sadly likely outnumbered the thoughtful and informed critiques that your original post received, I was hoping that this post would have at least acknowledged some [...]

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