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  • “but that it fell grievously short of the standard of accountability to which the entire political left held Sarah Palin and others for their “activist humor,” after January’s mass murder in Tucson.” I want some of what you’re on! XD The left is not a unified, monolithic entity, and furthermore has no voice with which [...]

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    I’m comfortable with your use of the word “intimate” because, in the context you provide, it’s clear that the meaning is not that of emotional intimacy with a confidante, but an animal closeness in which one chooses to have a physical connection that reveals things most people we know will never see. Trusting and being [...]

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    I can’t speak for the editors, but here’s what I think the BYU story has to do with feminism. Opposing and eroding institutionalized shame about/penalization for sex between consenting adults is (for many) a core aspect of feminism. Both men and women are victims when rules are made from a patriarchal perspective, and it would [...]

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