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  • Kathryn commented on the blog post Feministing at 10: Re-designing the field of design   6 months, 1 week ago · View

    Wow! That infographic is eye opening. I cannot believe there are so few women in the architecture and design field. It just goes to show we still have academic fields where sexism is alive and well. The fact that almost half the women polled think they’d get paid more only if they were a man [...]

  • I am really excited to watch this documentary now! I have gone through similar experiences growing up paycheck to paycheck and being poor was very expensive, especially health care. We didn’t have insurance so paying up front at Emergicares every time someone was sick or dealing with ER bills. It comes to a point where [...]

  • Kathryn commented on the blog post Infographic of the day: women’s rights by country   8 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    This infographic is awesome! I was so surprised by how many states offer unpaid/paid maternity leave and the United States doesn’t offer either. This is a great way to see how we need to expand feminism globally to make women across the world equal.

  • Kathryn commented on the blog post On autism, feminism, and human value   11 months ago · View

    This piece is so important because it is really giving a voice to women that are often neglected by the feminist eye. Her line about seeing women as needing to be financially independent to be “real women” is so true. There is something about being dependent on someone else (whether it is disability in her [...]

  • That is so frustrating! As a plus sized woman, this would definitely effect me if I needed to use Plan B. FDA needs to prioritize women’s health and the misconceptions they are portraying than caring about the politics of it all. Health needs to come first.

  • Kathryn commented on the blog post How to be a feminist, according to Politico   11 months ago · View

    The medium angry point is so true. I think Michelle is at such a disadvantage because of the “sassy/ angry black woman” stereotype. But even other First Ladies who want to get things done, like Hillary, were perceived as just an angry feminist. Too intense is not okay but taking “feminine” political issues is too [...]

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