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  • Well, this is a winner. Scott Walker is out to get kids pregnant and have STDS and them not have a choice about if they want an abortion or not. This just seems like a great plan to do to our kids. The fact that teachers don’t have to talk about contraception at all just [...]

  • This is just crazy and absolutely dumb. I am so angry I am quit speechless. I hate that they discharge them and then they are out of a job and have claimed to be crazy. So basically they are screwed. They are going to go back home and everyone is going to look at them [...]

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    These types of things just amaze me. How could you restrict the laws even more and then have little things that are unnecessary to keep the procedure going. The ultrasound is not necessary. You won’t be able to see anything at that time anyway. Plus with the fact that it is a vaginal probe makes [...]

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    This just makes me so mad. Why would you do that to your child when it is hard enough for them to understand what is going on with them anyway? I don’t think it is really possibly to make someone not homosexual anymore. Yeah you can make their thoughts less that what they were before [...]

  • Kaitlin commented on the blog post GOP Chairman Reince Priebus compares women to caterpillars   2 years ago · View

    Wow. This is crazy talk. I see where he is going with this. Women issues are just not important and are silly. That would be like if people believe that the war on Iraq was silly and compared it to a war between a brother and a sister. “Oh they will get over it soon [...]

  • I have always hated the fact that the media is all over famous people and how much they weigh. It is hard enough for them to do all the things they need to in a day and do their rehearsals and all of that crazy stuff that famous people have to do without having the [...]

  • Kaitlin commented on the blog post Beyonce writes open letter to Michelle Obama   2 years ago · View

    This letter is amazing. I respect Beyonce for writing that to her because she does deserve people giving her feedback on how strong she is out there. We all know there are people out there against her just because she is African American. These people obviously don’t understand poise when they see it. Being able [...]

  • This is stupid. The fact that they say kids can’t hold hands is just going to make kids want to get married the second they can so they can then do whatever they want. As well as they are going to continue to do whatever they want anyway. Kids don’t have a problem breaking rules [...]

  • This makes me super upset. The fact that they are going out of their way to make sure that women don’t have access to a choice just amazes me. Women have every right to a choice when it comes to abortion. If you are raped and you are afraid of the effects that this will [...]

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