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  • I love Elizabeth Banks. She is a smart, talented cookie and one of the few female celebrities not concerned about how being seen as a feminist will impact men’s opinion of her or her movies/television shows. However, to my knowledge (could be wrong), I think you’re overlooking or are not aware of the fact that [...]

  • just_speak_up wrote a new blog post: Natalie Portman on Rom-Coms: “That stuff offends me.”   3 years, 9 months ago · View

    Thumbnail Given the well-known reputation which precedes romantic comedies as a film genre (materialistic, stereotypical, completely devoid of any real depth or humanity), I was quite surprised to learn that Natalie Portman was starring opposite Ashton Kutcher in an upcoming rom-com, No Strings Attached –let alone a rom-com that, upon first viewing of the trailer, literally made me cringe [...]

  • I have to agree with @uclabodyimage, but for different reasons (I’m not really down with evo psych). I’ve felt for a long time that the coverage of science on this website could be so much better. Why not add a contributor to this website that’s a feminist scientist (or a few feminist scientists)? I don’t mean [...]

  • just_speak_up commented on the blog post A New Addition to the Feministing Family   4 years, 2 months ago · View

    Wow. Just…..wow. I can’t even imagine how scared Jessica and her family must have been. That being said, it’s so great to hear that Mom and her (very) little one are doing well. Could there even be a more beautiful name than Layla Sorella? God, I love the ring to that. That just sounds like [...]

  • just_speak_up wrote a new blog post: Boohoo, Sigourney: “Jim didn’t have Breasts…”   4 years, 6 months ago · View

    This is based on old news, to be sure, but today’s female chauvinist pig award goes to (drum roll): Sigourney Weaver! In an interview with a Brazilian news website, Weaver said the Academy’s choice of best director was motivated by the fact that a woman had never won the prize. “Jim didn’t have breasts, and I think that [...]

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