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"Um, is this the private message board for members or how does this work? I’m so fucking sad and angry right now, I’m just coming apart at the seams. I have no one to talk to, I feel so fucking [...]" · View
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    Oh please tell me you did not really just post a clip from “Last Man Standing”. OK, I love you Chloe, but please tell me I’m seeing things. That show is so blatantly sexist, classist and downright hard to watch. And yes, this particular clip shows none of that but just the fact that it’s [...]

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    Um, is this the private message board for members or how does this work?

    I’m so fucking sad and angry right now, I’m just coming apart at the seams. I have no one to talk to, I feel so fucking trapped and I’m resisting the urge to drink myself into a stupor and harm myself. I wouldn’t do that though, I’m too busy taking care of people who make my life a fucking living hell while telling me my life is fucking wonderful, even sheltered.

    Today, I’ve been posting messages on my facebook about how angry I was at the impending Troy Davis execution, and my brother, oh, the one who found Jesus, but still likes to call me a feminazi replies by saying ”have the fried him yet?” I replied by saying ”real sensitive, Mike” and that started a whole round. Stuff was said like ”oh, no one’s mentioned the dead cop”, and I said first of all, I doubht that considering that his own family has spoken out against the execution, but he seemed to forget to retort to that. He said I’m confused and I called bullshit on that right away. I’m thinking very clearly, feminism taught me to do that, instead of not thinking at all. And I made a point to say every time I exhibit empathy I’m called stupid and hysterical but told him to enjoy being able to have empathy, because he’s apparently so fucking good at that. I LOVE MY BROTHERS AND I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I’D DIE FOR THEM BUT I’M JUST SO ANGRY AT THEM BOTH RIGHT NOW. Then again, my whole family’s falling apart. I was looking at all this bullshit on facebook to take my mind away from what’s constantly going on at home. Everybody’s falling apart right now.

    I went to the bar to meet my sister in law. It’s her birthday, and she bought me a few drinks and I needed to do something like that since I had just gotten back from a documentary called ”default” about student loans and how they basically ruin your fucking life (and I’m not exxagerating). I’m a recent college graduate and activist so I wanted to see it. Couldn’t even see the whole thing thanks to underfunded public transit. I was having fun at the bar until this guy, who was also the bar tender’s boyfriend and my sister in law’s friend drunking patted my croth and my breast. So I had to think what every fucking woman thinks when this happens: was it just an accident? How much will this get me fucking ostracized if I mention it? Goddamnit, what now. So in the bathroom my sister in law (oh fuckit, I’ll say her name. it’s Kayla. she’ll never fucing read this website!) I told Kayla and she just said ”oh, don’t be so butt hurt, that’s just the way he is”. Lovely, huh? Then after the bar I had to go to her house to check on her husband (my other brother) who was passed out on the couch. My nephew (you guessed it, their son) was in their room watching tv. I was hoping to ask this brother his opinion. Since he was passed out, I went to the computer and that’s when the said confrontation on facebook happened. It’d be really nice if I could talk to both my brother’s outside a fucking computer, but I guess I’m just being stupid. So now I’m at home, my nephew is asleep on the couch behind me cuz I wasn’t about to leave him at home. and I’m so fucking sad and angry I just don’t know what to do with myself. I’m glad there’s people reading this and I’m so glad femininsting exists because it saves lives. thank you

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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This play will be the death of me! I’m so glad it’s ending tonight. I’ve watched almost each showing to analyize it and study the audiences reactions. Last night was the worst SPOILERS HERE! Each time Carol said she objected to being called “dear” or things like that a guy in the audience kept [...]

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    i’ve been putting off starting a twitter account but this is all the more reason to start one!

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    First off, I should say I’m new here–and I can’t believe I waited this long to register! This is actually my first post too. Anyway, at my school they’re doing a play called “Oleanna” by David Mamet. I’m house managing for the show and I’ve watched it three times now (and read it a few [...]

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