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  • I’d have to say I see and agree with both sides of this: You are right that education doesn’t end in the classroom, and she seems like a great teacher for encouraging her students to be engaged in the system and to take a stand for their beliefs, nor is there anything wrong with missing [...]

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    I work at a maternity store that sells the Spanx. The belly isn’t compressed, and I really don’t see the big deal. Let’s attack the idea of shapewear in general, not specifically for pregnant women. I personally don’t see what’s wrong with a woman, pregnant or not, doing what they want to make themselves feel [...]

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    http://caloriecount.about.com/ Is another online calorie counter… for free! Good way to pay attention to not just calories but your health in general, tracks vitamin intake and activity level as well. :)

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    The real thing they are saying here is: “He’s Muslim because he’s black.”

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    I’d like to see a version of this in specific communities, like frat houses, sororities, inner-city black neighborhoods, rich suburban neighborhoods, blue collar and white collar, etc. It’s interesting the only African-American man in the selection said: woman = ass, man = black, feminist = fucking ridiculous. I’d like to know if those prejudice points [...]

  • The reason religious institutions have reputations for particular negative opinions is because many or most their members hold those particular negative opinions. If they don’t want to be victim to a stereotype, the members of those institutions need to stop living up to them.

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    The only reason for this difference is not that us evil women have all become sluts, its that the menz have stopped trying to control our sexuality as much. In our mother’s and grandmother’s generations, women were not allowed to live on their own, it was with mom and pop until their wedding day, they [...]

  • It amazes me what companies things counts as a “big butt”! She looks so small to me!

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    I guess the thinking is that a man would only do his own laundry, instead of his wife, ‘cuz ya know, that’s what wives are for, if he has to hide something from her. Ugh! Seriously, home product ads haven’t changed at all since the 50s.

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