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"Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D) : House speaker and members during this legslative session we have spent about 30 or 40 percent of our time kicking the reproductive organs of women down the road. And I thought that that was an [...]" · View
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    Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D) : House speaker and members during this legslative session we have spent about 30 or 40 percent of our time kicking the reproductive organs of women down the road. And I thought that that was an issue that we had finished and we had completed. I want to attest to you the fact that kicking the womens can down the road- is still being kicked. To my surprise I became aware of two despicable flyers. I know some of you may have seen one flyer talking about senate bill, house bill 2093, and it depicts a child pacifier. This bill is a bill that deals w/insurance. And the other one that will have a lot of controversy on – a child nursing a mother’s breast. And this is talking about bill, House bill 2093. I’m gonna tell you that I’m really disgusted and I’m really ashamed that there’s nothing better than some organizations find than kicking women. God made me a woman, and thank God that he made your mother a woman because you men wouldnt be here. Lawmakers as we are have an opportunity to shape the attitudes of the public. And those attitudes can be positive toward women. They can be negative twrd women. Or they can be both. That falls within the gamut of all our abilities. Well I find these flyers some of you may find them funny. But I find them despicable. I find them distasteful. I find them hateful, and I find them to give thoughts of violence and disrespect toward women. And I am appalled today that the Texas Civil Justice League would go so low that they would put out this kind of hate. Resentful, bitter, despicable, despisable violent flyers toward women just to get at a piece of legislation. They could have come and talked to me. Tuffy knows that I have an open door policy. They coul’dve come and saw me in my office. And we know, all of us, we win some we live some. But kicking women down the road that’s an old tin can that’s fostering disrespect and violence and hate. It may not be important to you but some of you have mothers. And I know many of you have wives, and you have daughters, sisters, neices. And this oughta embitter you, it oughta make you angry that somebody is this disrespectful that they have to put out this sort of thing just to get at a bill. We go up in arms about women having the ability to nurse their children in certain public places. And some of you all lose it because you don’t wanta allow that in certain places. But yet we cannot sit here and tolerate this kind of attitude. This is wrong. It cannot exist. And I think that I wanta ask you if you have an intestinal fortitude and I believe you do, to stand up and tell this organizatio. that this is not acceptable conduct for the members of this house. It is not acceptable conduct to put women down like this. And this is not the kinda can that they need to be kicking in the legislature.

    Would Miss Thompson yield for a question.
    Rep. Thompson: In the event that some of you haven’t seen it these are some of the pictures here (holds up pictures).
    Rep. Carol Alvarado (D): Rep. Thompson before this came to my attention, I didn’t know where I stood on this piece of legislation, House Bill 2093…but after looking at the picture I can tell you where I stand now and behind me there’s a bipartisan group of womwn. And I want to applaud them because many women on this floor have taken the time to call teh Texas Civil Justice League some of us have spoken with Lee Parsely or Cary Roberts. This piece of propaganda is a below the belt political tactic. We have had almost 50 plus ammendments and or bills come across this floor this session that I think have demeaned women but this one takes us to an all time low would you say that’s correct Miss Thompson?

    Rep. Thompson: It is an all time low and I personally tell you this. This is not a tactic to get this bill passed to concur, I don’t care if you kill this bill. I want you to remember one thing that I’m saying today. I don’t apprecaite this attack on women. I dont appreciate this flyer —
    And I’m gonna tell you something I don’t perpetuate violence against nobody but if they were here I’d probably bloody their nose . Right here on this floor I guarantee you that. And Dr. (Zerwals?) I’d have to call you to their aid and I’m not joking. I wold bloody their nose because they have no right to do women this way. And we have not earned this disrespect in this house. We fight here we get elected just like you do. And we have not earned this kind of disrespect. And I don’t wanta tolerate it by anybody. And men, if you don’t stand up for us today, don’t you walk in this chamber tomorrow.

    ”Will the general lady yield please?”
    Rep Debbie Riddle (R) : Miss Thompson you know that you are our hero.
    Rep. Thompson: I’m trying to make the men be a hero too.
    Rep. Riddle: Well I completely agree with you but Miss Thompson do you think that this has become standard operating procedure by some because of what goes on in this house with the way some of the men have treated some of the women, with pornography on the floor of this house? Do you think that is why this is acceptable Miss Thompson?
    Rep. Thompson: We’re gonna find out just what’s acceptable and we’re gonna see just what they’re made out of and all the sugar and spice and everything nice.

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