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    Thumbnail A SYTYCB entry. or how to hide your prejudices behind an unnecessary law. Currently legislators in Northern Ireland are trying to pass a law making it an offence to  pay a prostitute for his or her services *. They are lauded for their activities by articles like  this one  in the Londonderry Sentinel. Lets ignore for a moment it’s reliance on the anecdotal and [...]

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    ThumbnailA SYTYCB entry This morning I listened as men confessed to wife beating, although confessed suggests remorse, even perhaps an understanding of the harm they had done. They were not in the least apologetic. In fact they had phoned a radio show to tell the presenter of the crimes they has committed. The phone in was prompted by another man, [...]

  • I put something on the community blog about this, but I think it is worth pointing here also that British law disagrees with Galloway. However as a former Stalinist and Catholic his views towards women have never been what one might call progressive.

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    ThumbnailA post for SYTYCB Todd Akin  showed that it is easy to combine victim blaming, ignorance and misogyny in one soundbite.

    “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin said, referring to conception following a rape. “If it’s a  legitimate rape , the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. [...]

  • How long does it take something to be approved, as submitted something last night and do not want to add a new post until I am sure I did everything right, technically at least . I am aware there may be time difference issues.

  • Struggling to insert the logo as there doesn’t seem to be an insert media button,I am sure as someone else said I am just missing something obvious.

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