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  • Arizona feminist here — THIS IS A FEMINIST ISSUE, and here’s why. What keeps turning around in my mind, over and over, is that a certain power structure didn’t get what they wanted peacefully, so now they’re resorting to force. Gabrielle Giffords was supposed to turn over her seat to a Tea Party member and [...]

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    Childfree world traveler here. You know what helps with screaming kids? Getting over it. It takes practice but it can be done. Remember that the kids are largely in excruciating ear pain. You’d be screaming, too.

    Also, don’t sit by the potty.

  • Jane AZ wrote a new blog post: Confronting classism: Meetup.com   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    Two years ago, I wrote a manifesto on who I wanted to meet: intelligent, interesting women who didn’t orbit around men. I live in Arizona, which is a bit Stepfordian in its bent. Surely there were others out there who were feeling me. This manifesto crystalized into my Meetup, and today we have almost 500 [...]

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