• James Merenda commented on the blog post Today is Tuesday, September 11th.   2 years ago · View

    Well said, Syreeta. It feels rare that I get to read or hear sentiment about this day that isn’t wrapped up in political rhetoric, or the crux of an argument to prove one point or another. Thank you for capturing what this feels like, in context of the city in which it occured.
    Much Love.

  • James Merenda commented on the blog post Is monogamy bad for marriage?   3 years, 2 months ago · View

    I wish the article had included at least a bit of direct question-and-answer. Some of the things that were being attributed to Savage seemed to run counter to his own opinions/persona as presented through Savage love. I can’t help but feel like Oppenheimer might have been washing over certain things, for example, implying that Savage [...]

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