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  • Alison commented on the blog post Chris Brown throws tantrum on Good Morning America.   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    Of course, ABC is not helping in calling out Chris Brown when’s he’s being terrible. After his violent tantrum, ABC is still welcoming him to perform on Dancing With the Stars. Meanwhile, Adam Lambert kisses a guy on the American Music Awards, and HE spends months banned from ABC shows like Good Morning America and [...]

  • Alison commented on the blog post Elizabeth Hasselback thinks lesbians are just man-deprived   3 years, 12 months ago · View

    It’s a little baffling that Hasselback thinks that girls can switch our attractions to whatever way. Some girls like males, some girls like females, some girls like both. Simple!

    It gets so tiring to hear the “all women need dick” bull.

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    I love the look of this site. Belissimo!

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