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    This is interesting, because I’m guessing I’m one of about 4 people in the world who listens to Adam Carolla religiously while also religiously reading Feministing. When I listened to this rant during the course of the podcast, it didn’t strike me as anything out of the ordinary. Adam says so many inflammatory things, and [...]

  • Veronica, your example of Brian Wilson and his “Fear the Beard” slogan could not be more misapplied. The “Fear the Beard” slogan shows that Brian Wilson is known MORE for his appearance than for his on-field exploits. I would say that trying to use this example is just plain stupid but I really just think [...]

  • The only women’s sport I really watch is tennis, and even then, I don’t necessarily seek it out (and within women’s tennis, the #1 factor for whether I keep watching is how good they are, and probably #2 is if they’re attractive). However, not surprisingly, I do seek out a lot of men’s sports. Neither [...]

  • Maya, I think you’re right: female athletes do, generally, have to fit a narrower ideal of athleticism. And, as you say, most women would rather not look like weightlifters. So what’s wrong with this? And I ask why you think something is wrong with this because, as you say, “here’s just no excuse for the [...]

  • It’s unfortunate that she has to scrape by for food, etc., but it’s not like she’s out of options. The story says that she can get free boarding at the Olympic training facility–she just doesn’t want to leave her coach. That’s a decision she has made. And the lack of sponsorships and endorsement deals? Again, [...]

  • ihopeiwin247 commented on the blog post NYT fail: “Men invented the internet”   2 years, 4 months ago · View

    If women invented pistons, would we be unable to say men invented automobiles? Would we have to say they are just “credited” with it?

  • ihopeiwin247 commented on the blog post Michael Irvin poses shirtless for equality in Out Magazine   3 years, 3 months ago · View

    As a huge, long-time Cowboys fan, I’m proud to see one of our all-time greats standing up for a good cause. Irvin was my second-favorite player (next to Aikman) and through all his tribulations I’ve always thought deep down he was a good guy. I believe his personal, supportive sentiment that he would have supported [...]

  • ihopeiwin247 commented on the blog post Rogers Cup: “Come For the Ladies, Stay for the Legends”   3 years, 3 months ago · View

    When I first read this I was outraged, even as a guy and an avid tennis fan! Yet, when it says “come for the ladies, stay for the legends,” and if it’s purely a gender difference (which it seems to be) someone could equally cry foul that you don’t come for the legends! ‘Why not [...]

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