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  • Sarah commented on the blog post Weekly Feminist Reader: Open Thread   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    I saw “The Silver Linings Playbook” on Friday. It’s not the most progressive movie ever, but I thought it did a great job of presenting people with mental illness without either demonizing or fetishizing them. (Spoilers, TW: mental illness) I really appreciated the portrayal in the film of the different kinds of mental illness and [...]

  • Sarah commented on the blog post Meet Tammy Baldwin, your first-ever openly gay Senator   1 year, 11 months ago · View

    Not to shamelessly self-promote, but I also did a write-up of Ms. Baldwin on my tumblr My Shero.

    Even just from her wikipedia page, it’s pretty clear that Tammy Baldwin is a grade-A badass.

  • There are not enough applause gifs in the world for Ms. Kaur and her awesomeness.

  • Sarah wrote a new blog post: Call me anything but that, maybe?   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    Thumbnail A SYTYCB entry It’s almost inevitable every time you turn on the radio:

    Hey I just met you And this is crazy But here’s my number So call me maybe?

    No, it’s not the catchy beat or the simplistic lyrics.  It’s the use of the ableist term “crazy.” Now, growing up in the 90′s, I was constantly [...]

  • Sarah commented on the blog post The Wednesday Weigh-In: Trigger Warning Edition   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    I think trigger warning are important for sites like tumblr where images are usually focal points of posts and it’s hard to just “scroll by” something upsetting. For instance, I have a history with eating disorders, so I have a program set up to hide any post mentioning anorexia. I know a lot of my [...]

  • Sarah wrote a new blog post: Funny is a feminist issue   2 years, 2 months ago · View

    Thumbnail A SYTYCB entry This week, the world lost one of its great funny women— nay, funny  people— Phyllis Diller. Ms. Diller had been a showbusiness staple from the early 1950’s onwards, and is credited as the woman who broke through the comedy glass ceiling.  Onstage, she portrayed an eccentric housewife, and was known for her self-deprecating humor and outlandish [...]

  • Sarah commented on the blog post Better school lunches, please.   2 years, 3 months ago · View

    I disagree with the notion that a lack of education is what is the source of the nutritional deficits of poor families. I don’t think anyone just flat-out is unaware that a Big Mac and large fries is unhealthy. The problem is that healthy, nutritious meals are not available for many families, either due to [...]

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