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  • Sam Huber wrote a new blog post: Not Oprah’s Book Club: The Essential Ellen Willis   4 months ago · View

    ThumbnailI owe so much, as a writer and feminist, to Ellen Willis. And given how much of her work has remained uncollected or gone out of print, I suspect that we collectively owe her much more than has yet been accounted for. This month’s publication of The Essential Ellen Willis will, I hope, urge the accounting. Edited [...]

  • Sam Huber wrote a new blog post: Not Oprah’s Book Club: October   6 months ago · View

    ThumbnailAn exemplary homecoming: Mercia and her partner Craig venture to a river to watch salmon fight their way upstream after a summer at sea. The regularity of this cycle—birth, exile, return, year after year, generation after generation—does not diminish its drama. The scale of the salmon’s struggle impresses itself upon Mercia. “Clever, yes, but how repellent, [...]

  • ThumbnailWe have told the story of the last half-century so many ways, and we are not done telling it. Much feminist work has been devoted to decentering dominant histories in order to cultivate what Adrienne Rich called “the precious resource of knowing where we come from: the valor and the waverings, the visions and defeats of [...]

  • ThumbnailAt conferences, colloquia, open meetings, we’ve seen them: older, intent, perhaps a bit disappointed, perhaps exhausted from years of movement work of which we are not aware because we do not ask, but often eager, often a bit giddy, it seems, to be there, as if granted unexpected permission.  These, our feminist forebears, perhaps even expressing [...]

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