• honeybee commented on the blog post Chart of the Day: The pay gap for women of color   1 month ago · View

    Wow interesting that Asian women make more then white women – that’s a shocker to me given how racist our nation is. I wonder what the difference is? Is it b/c Asian women (in North America) are more educated on average then white women? A puzzler to me.

  • honeybee commented on the blog post New Favorite Tumblr: A Taxonomy of Mansplainers   1 month, 1 week ago · View

    Some of those are pretty weird – I was expecting a better list. I don’t see what’s wrong with wanting facts to be correct or showing enthusiasm for feminism and trying to help. I can see how all of these could be annoying but most of these aren’t MRAs or anti-feminist types – they’re just [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Reminder: Don’t look at those stolen nude images of female celebs   1 month, 2 weeks ago · View

    To be honest that was my exact thought – like does anyone seriously give a shit about this anymore? There’s LEGAL naked pics of all these celebs out there already anyways. I mean nudity is not hard to come by. I honestly think these celebs should just laugh it off and take a it’s no [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Some questions about Undercover Colors anti-rape nail polish   1 month, 4 weeks ago · View

    So because it doesn’t prevent all rape it’s worthless?

    This type of commentary / reaction only discourages people from trying to help. I don’t think that’s what we want.

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Fatal Hypothesis: How Belief in a Just World is Killing Us   2 months ago · View

    Good article and like everyone I’m guilty of this too. I will say though that although clearly there are exceptions – bad things do happen to good people – in general this belief *is* true anecdotally. For the most part things do always work out in the end and good things do happen to good [...]

  • I definitely still see the anti-SAHM on here quite regularly. It isn’t always explicit but you can just tell that alot of people despise those who go this route. I think they think it somehow contributes to the devaluation of women but at best that’s a selfish view and at worst they’re the ones devaluing [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Why using lube can help you become a better feminist   2 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Not at all – lube isn’t just used for “penetrative” sex. E.g., we use it regularly just for finger play.

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Yes, your friend may be a rapist   5 months ago · View

    “from an objective viewpoint no man that is physically capable of rape should be considered incapable of it”

    An odd thing to say given that you don’t have to be a man or the least bit physically strong to commit rape.

    I appreciate the gist of your post however.

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Meet the conservatives who think Donald Sterling is the real victim   5 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    My concern isn’t for Sterling – the guy is an ass and I donyt have sympathy for him. My fear is for women. Once it’s accepted and allowed that you can secretly record audio and video of someone, then release it to the public and get them in trouble, think of the implications. Imagine if [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Stop telling survivors they must report to the police   6 months, 1 week ago · View

    The only part of your article I don’t understand is how going to police is putting the onus on women to prevent rape. By that point you’ve already been raped, so it’s not about prevention, it’s about accountability.

    Otherwise good read.

  • honeybee commented on the blog post More moms are staying home but not necessarily because they want to   6 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Some of your points are a bit odd – you talk about not having a choice to stay home if you can’t afford childcare – but surely the families would know BEFORE they had the child whether they could afford it or not. So if they had the child anyways, it means they made a [...]

  • Even if you’re right that all of these were created by the patriachy that doesn’t change the fact that most of their underlying points are true. It may be the patriachy’s fault that men can’t openly cry but that doesn’t change the fact that they can’t. Or that they certainly wouldn’t be let off for [...]

  • Interesting study but I wouldn’t have thought aggression in bars when drinking is that related to the question at hand. Most assaults don’t occur openly at bars for one thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the “quiet” wholesome guys at the bar who turn out to be the biggest creeps behind closed doors.

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Trigger Warning: School   7 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Your response is well written but I don’t actually agree with you. I think it’s not only possible to *mostly* divorce your personal feelings from the matter but actually essential. Especially for certain positions like judges – but even lawyers – especially defense lawyers and family law lawyers – you absolutely must take your own [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Don’t be friends with rapists   8 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Wow this post is upsetting to me. I didn’t realize that it was common to openly know of rapists and assaultists. I feel so lucky whenever I read this sort of thing. I can honestly I never knew of any guy who was an assaulter that I kept hanging around with or anything like that. [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post American Horror Story: Coven is getting race all wrong   10 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Those are much different takes then my own. Until I read this post I interpreted Leveau as trying to blend in and not get noticed. That and wanting to live with and help her friends and family. It’s obvious she has the power to be rich or pretty much do whatever she wants if she [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Dismantling the Dementor Theory of Rape   10 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Thank you so much for this post! It’s really hard to read people talk about how being raped is worse then being murdered and that life is over after you’ve been raped. Not to downplay the severity but it’s not helping victims to talk like that. You’re making them sound like damaged goods and taking [...]

  • honeybee commented on the blog post Twelve questions about AR Wear’s anti-rape underwear   11 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    As much as I agree with you the fact is that rape isn’t going anywhere and in fact I doubt we’ll see much change in our lifetimes. So as much as you’re correct, it isn’t much solace for thus of living today in the now.

  • Wow this is nuts! And plenty of gender conformance to go around – try “boys can’t” or “men shouldn’t” and the results are also pretty despicable. My favourite is “men should…” and “all die” is one of the top searches.

    Society is messed up…

  • honeybee commented on the blog post A little more on Lorde, Royals, and Racism   1 year ago · View

    I’m sorry but I simply can’t behind this type of attitude: “The fact remains that, as a genre dominated by black folks, critique of this genre is inherently raced.” If that’s true then why does feministing critique other cultures outside of the US? Why are we critiquing the middle east and elsewhere? For that matter, [...]

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