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  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Today in shitty treatment of women athletes   2 months, 3 weeks ago · View

    So, what did Bouchard answer? Did she mention me?

    Damn, it’s bad enough fighting this nonsense from the meatheads, but when a professional sports reporter has to be reminded how to do her job, I want to join Charlie Pierce in guzzling anti-freeze.

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post I wonder why the GOP is blocking these nominees   5 months ago · View

    Golly, if only there was some way the administration or the Senate leadership could get this information out to the public! But how??? We need a catchy idea to sell this, something like “elections have consequences even when Democrats win them” or “up-or-down vote” to carry out the “will of the people.” Oooh, it’s just [...]

  • Your comment about Yousafzai taking the more challenging route is spot-on, although her criticism of U.S. military policy will probably be thoroughly elided by our popular media.

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post What you need to know about the government shutdown   6 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    As to the point that the Affordable Care Act has acquired the once pejorative and now popular appellation of Obamacare, I predict that as of March 15, 2014, Republicans will be in grave danger of broken arms from patting themselves on the back for bringing all that lovely, lovely health care to their beloved constituents, [...]

  • Now I, the Amazing gratnak, following in the trail blazed by the Amazing Karnak, will peer into the future to divine the appropriate response from folks objecting to this parody ad: “Why is the same-sex couple female, and not male?! It’s an outrage, it is! Now watch as I flounce off to the Bill O’Reilly [...]

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post What can we do about feminism’s brand problem?   12 months ago · View

    “There is no neat, simple, and linear model of feminist progression.” I think this is a terrific statement, and would only add that before concluding that one’s interlocutor (first definition) is some kind of anti-feminist pig, please, please, please presume that we are all proceeding in good faith until you have evidence to the contrary. [...]

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post What do you want me to #AskPelosi at Netroots Nation 2013?   1 year, 1 month ago · View

    This might be a little wordy: Speaker Pelosi, I noticed that in the discussion over tax rates last year and the possibility of asking the well off to contribute a little more to the society that has enriched them, there was a lot of alarm expressed about “uncertainty” and how job creators needed assurances that [...]

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Rihanna going back to Chris Brown doesn’t make her a “bad girl”   1 year, 1 month ago · View

    Can someone help me understand this situation? I find it almost inescapable to conclude from the facts on the ground that Rihanna is making a colossal mistake, one that could cost her her looks, her voice, perhaps even her life. This despite having the financial wherewithal to stay away from this man (and keep him [...]

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