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  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post Chart of the Day: The gender gap in Silicon Valley   1 year, 4 months ago · View

    This has also changed over time. When I started in the industry, there were very few female programmers. That changed over time, and from the mid-80s on, I started to see a large number. I don’t recall if it ever reached parity, but it definitely stopped feeling like an all-boys club. But by the mid-00s, [...]

  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post Don’t make me a prop in your feminism   1 year, 7 months ago · View

    Hilary has consistently stated that her book was not, in fact, ghost-written. But even if it was, the point of ghost-writing is to claim that the nominal author wrote the book – and one could easily consider ghost-writing to be a kind of fraud. Why would you suggest that Amy indulge in such a thing? [...]

  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post Favourite new tumblr: Fuck No Sexist Halloween Costumes   2 years ago · View

    I can actually explain the bunch of grapes. That’s not just a bunch of grapes – that’s the purple grapes guy from the Fruit of the Loom underwear commercials.

  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post Should single-sex education be allowed?   3 years ago · View

    Sorry, I realized after I’d posted that I’d been unclear. I’d read the Science Magazine article. Yes, it has a lot of citations, but the article itself presents very little to back up the claim that there is no advantage to single-sex education. In addition, as a number of comments on the NYT article point [...]

  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post What my Christian fundamentalist upbringing taught me about periods   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    It seems to me to be likely that these are based on Jewish practices, and partly on poor translations. The Jewish concepts of tahor (mistranslated as “clean”) and tamei (“unclean”) have nothing to do with sanitation or hygiene, but rather spiritual levels. English doesn’t have an exact equivalent concept. Life is a higher level than death, and [...]

  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post Social Media Pregnancies – Where to Draw the Line?   3 years, 4 months ago · View

    None of my friends are doing this right now, so I cannot say how I would react. I found some of your comments interesting, though, especially about “the implications this has for perceiving women’s bodies and fetal personhood.” Speculation aside, has anybody actually checked to see if this is causing attitudes to change? And is [...]

  • FuzzyFace commented on the blog post When rape is a risk that comes with the job   3 years, 8 months ago · View

    I’d think it would also be relevant to know in which situations rape is such a risk. Are female correspondents regularly raped during protests in Arab countries? Western countries? Is there a pattern? Surely our views on the health of a society should be informed by how likely women are to be assaulted when covering public [...]

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