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    You make good points. But, the only characterization thing that really bothers me is that Samus is scared stiff when she sees Ridley. Which isn’t AS bad because this is the first game with voice acting(along with more of a focus on story) and Ridley is the most decidedly dead after Super Metroid. Still, I [...]

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    So, when Metroid: Other M came out I was excited because Metroid is a great video game series with one of the most bad ass female lead characters ever.  And, she is not objectified as being only a sex object.  I didn’t think that’s too much to ask for, and for the most part, this [...]

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    I’ve heard some people I know, even some of my so called friends talking like this, and I don’t understand it one bit. I really want to think they’re bad people but I know better. I guess it’s just the way children are taught all the wrong things, there really ought to be a strong [...]

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    This is yet another example of trailers being so horrible that you can’t tell about the actual movie. Still, I think anything that could possibly be marketed this way has got to be bad. I know I get mocked for not wanting to see this movie, But honestly, I don’t think I could sit through [...]

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    Interesting ideas. I’m really not a fan of the romanticizing of abusive relationships. But, like you said, with many women’s upbringings, it’s not surprising that they could fall for a guy that doesn’t respect them. Also, I’m with you in hoping that future writers learn their lessons from the Twilight clusterfuck.

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