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  • Very interesting, but I can’t find the study you are discussing. The hyperlink at the top goes to an article about WOC and domestic violence, not the Verizon study. Could you please link your source?

  • Sheila I completely agree. No one in the movie even looked hungry! I thought the movie was fine, it didn’t stray from the book in terms of events. But the main thing that was lost was all of Katniss’ inner tension that made her a complex character. It the book it was really her intelligence [...]

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    “glitter is okay I guess” haha, that’s awesome.

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    I don’t think they are trying to show they are more feminist or progressive than other make up companies; I think they are just saying that their product is so good it looks touched up when it’s not.

    Also, can anyone read what the little comment on the side says?

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    I agree with the premise of the video, but I don’t think it does a good job of explaining that the word is dehumanizing because it defines the person by the illegal act. It’s not enough to say “the right spews it and we disagree with them”. They also don’t give the viewer an alternative [...]

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