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  • “Rape is a serious thing, and allegations of it are just as serious.” Um…I don’t know about that. *False* allegations are serious in the sense of damage to an innocent person. But is a false allegation of rape as damaging as an actual rape is? I’m not willing to say that’s true. Actually my guess [...]

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    The theory dumbth involved is overwhelming. If it were my daughter wanting to be a KUboob, I’d take her aside and introduce her to the wide world of porn comments, and read them with her until she understood that when she puts her tits on a tray for millions or billions of strange men, she [...]

  • Oh boy. Re your theory of why women don’t report rape more often, and leaving aside the woman-blaming aspect of it: Often women don’t report rape because they fear further harassment. They’re not worried that they aren’t credible if they know they’ve been raped. They’re worried that you’re just plain going to attack them, whether [...]

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