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"An Open Letter To A Pro-Life Man Who Agrees With The “Rape Clause” Exception: I understand that you are a pro-life man. I understand the pro-life argument. And I’m glad you see the fallacy in making of laws regarding the [...]" · View
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    An Open Letter To A Pro-Life Man Who Agrees With The ”Rape Clause” Exception:

    I understand that you are a pro-life man. I understand the pro-life argument. And I’m glad you see the fallacy in making of laws regarding the regulation of a LIVING, BREATHING (and voting) human being’s inner organs, no matter what the situation. Let me take it a step further, in the hopes that I can shine some light on the pro-choice argument, and maybe suggest that you push the boundaries on your beliefs a little further…
    What it comes down to is this – that women have the right to have sex however frequently and with whomever they choose to. It is no one’s business but hers. All people, male or female, should have this right. If we recognize this fact, then we take the mystique, stigma and taboo out of women’s sexuality. The ”lock yourself up and be a virgin for your husband” or ”don’t have sex unless you want to be a mother as a consequence” model for women are nightmares when you really think abut it – don’t you agree? If you can’t accept that women enjoy sex just as much as men – that it feels good – physically and emotionally, and it a natural and necessary biological function – just like eating or excreting, then you deny that women are human beings.
    A lot of men insult each other by insinuating that the offending man’s mother was a woman of loose morale, or that he slept with the offending man’s mother – the insults work by implying BOTH that his mother enjoys sex, and that there is ownership over a mother by her son. Think about this. Really think about it. The idea that a woman conceives a child coldly, on her back, without love, passion, or any of the wonderful feelings you get from sex – would that be preferred? The insult ultimately implies that your mother liked conceiving you. And men punch each other out over this. That’s not fair. Your mother enjoyed conceiving you. I know that may be weird for you to think about, but she did. I am a pro-choice woman. I enjoy sex. All women do, even the ones that are ashamed of that fact – and a lot of women walk around permanently ashamed – as they are taught to be. We are taught to be ashamed of our bodies, our genitals, our perceived weaknesses – it’s really not a kind or fair world for women sometimes – it’s really just not.

    All this being said, if we accept that women enjoy sex, then women can begin to concentrate on their sexual health. Exams, birth control, education. All of these things lead to less unintended pregnancies, and as a result, fewer abortions.

    Abortion is not used as birth control by thoughtless whores. The people who yell this from the mountains are liars. Women have abortions because they have had a pregnancy they don’t want. For whatever reason. If you leave in the rape clause, then surely you can imagine that there are myriad other factors that could cause one to terminate a pregnancy, and that the decision is NOT an easy one to make. Pro-lifers are always very quick to say things like “Well, she knew what she was doing when she spread her legs”, which implies the woman should being punished for having sex – with a baby. Which again, implies that non-procreative sex for women is evil and wrong.

    Just as we have to trust a woman in her sexuality, we have to trust them as knowing best what to do if and when they become pregnant. And I will bet you money that if the men in the pro-life movement (who compose MOST of it) woke up tomorrow with a uterus, they would change their tune with a quickness. It is so easy to tell other what they should or should not do when pregnant when you, personally, will never have to worry about a baby growing inside your own body, the risks associated with that process, or the fact that you are considered the sole caretaker of that child – regardless of what the man who fathered it does. Don’t believe me? How often do you hear the phrase “unfit father”?

    Just some things to think about.

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