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    YE GADS the way capitalism has created the landscape for this kind of sexual assault! I’ve been looking for a good gynecologist (a search I’ve given up, Planned Parenthood are the only people I trust). I was looking in the Atlanta area, and went to a guy who had good reviews online. After my regular [...]

  • Emily Mitchell commented on the blog post Is the LGBT pride flag unpatriotic?   1 year ago · View

    If you follow the links, apparently the thought is “American, Louisiana and Acadian/LCG flags, and possibly Mardi Gras flags” would be okay. Cause, you know, Mardi Gras is governmental and totally secular.


  • Must say, as a woman who has dated feminist men, more often than not they’ll cop to being feminists very quickly. Maybe they don’t self-identify but somehow as soon as I start talking about the issues men get on board quickly (at least the ones I enjoy being around). And I’m sorry, Rob and Steve, [...]

  • Okay, I wrote a transcript while listening to the video, so it’s not perfect. I’ve done minimal editing and paraphrasing a sentence at points to catch up with the video, but it’s perfectly legible. Hi, this is Jessica Valenti and this is our second video in the new nation video series: Ask Jessica: this week [...]

  • Emily Mitchell commented on the blog post Sarah Baartman was not a video vixen   1 year, 4 months ago · View

    You know, as a feminist I’m having a bit of a rough internal dialogue about “choice feminism.” While I value a culture in which women can CHOOSE to be in the public gaze, and even be enthusiastic about it, I have issues with current ideas about consent. Yes, one may consent to be sexualized, but [...]

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