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  • (originally at change.org) I’m a 20-year-old queer Canadian woman who has been reading comics since I was a kid. Comics mean a lot to me: the characters, the legacy, the expression through word and image –  graphic storytelling is a beautiful art. But the difficult thing about comics is its very “boys-only” attitude. Interacting with [...]

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    Started a petition to encourage DC comics to hire more women. http://www.change.org/petitions/dc-comics-hire-more-women-heres-a-few-to-get-you-started

  • This week at San Diego Comic Con when Dan Didio, current co-publisher of DC Comics, was asked by a fan during the panel why more women didn’t work for DC, he responded by asking: “Who should we have hired?” Maybe someone should send him a list: Jill Thompson Ming Doyle G. Willow Wilson Jen Van Meter Emma Rios Colleen Coover Nicola Scott Fiona Staples [...]

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    ThumbnailThis week at San Diego Comic Con DC Comics announced that Stephanie Brown, former Robin and current Batgirl, would have her name removed from the legacy of Robin. For those that have not yet heard of the overhaul DC Comics is giving itself this coming September, check out this link for more information. The long and short of it is that [...]

  • At least that’s what the organizers of a large LAN (Local Area Network) party in Texas think. The LAN is being hosted in honor of Battlefield 3, a first person shooter game due for release at the end of this coming October. Originally the statement released in their FAQ was as follows:

    “Nothing ruins a good LAN party like uncomfortable guests [...]

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    Picked up Jeannette Walls newest books today, Half Broken Horses . It looks really good!

  • Elliott wrote a new blog post: a perfect sex education program   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    would teach sexual health and safety to everyone regardless of gender, ability, race, age, desire or class. would teach about consent and all the ways to ask for it. would provide barriers and birth control and hygiene products and counseling without asking for a penny. would be free of shame or pressure— have sex if you want to, and don’t be made to feel [...]

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