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  • I understand the frustration with the appeal. Obama is using a rhetorical device that undermines female autonomy as a citizen. Although it is impossible to empirically ascertain the negative or positive effects of this sort address, I am left wondering if it is more effective as a persuasive tool than the other ways to address [...]

  • The challenge of getting boys and men to exhibit empathy towards women as equals, the fact that there was an offscreen voice naming the assault as a rape was a great step. The owner of that voice needs to be further lionized. If media and entertainment specifically valued the different ways men can be and [...]

  • dudley commented on the blog post Quick Hit: Rick Santorum blames abortion for Social Security problems   3 years, 6 months ago · View

    Santorum is a perfect example of a person who is able to get elected not being a person capable of leading. Either he doesn’t understand statistics or he twists them on purpose: in both cases it makes him unfit. Social Security isn’t in as much trouble as republicans make it out to be, some minor [...]

  • dudley commented on the blog post Joe Biden compares GOP to rape apologists   3 years, 7 months ago · View

    In defense of Joe: He definitely got close to the cultural shorthand that allows for Godwins law. His victim blaming comparison was different because 1.) unlike most nazi analogies, the parallels he expressed show significant overlap (the techniques to blame victims of rape and poverty are similar) , and 2.) he has a background of [...]

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