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    It was ColOmbia that passed the law regarding contraceptives (not ColUmbia, which is a University, among other things).

  • Despina commented on the blog post WTFS of the Day: Obama and “Illegal Alien” Halloween Costumes   3 years, 12 months ago · View

    I think this is the third year in a row I’ve seen controversy about “illegal alien” costumes. I really have to disagree that they’re automatically offensive. Certainly the Obama one is uncalled for, but dressing up as an “illegal alien” is not automatically xenophobic. I personally know people who are pro-immigrant, who have dressed up [...]

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    Transcript: Hi, I’m Rosie Perez. And I’m here talking to you today about the gays. I’m from Bushwick. For those of you who are clueless, it’s in Brooklyn, which is also known as the fourth largest city in the nation So, if you’re gay and for some crazy reason you want to get married, you [...]

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    We’ve got to keep in mind that this study focused on middle-aged and older women. As we age, our bodies tend to sleep less, whether because we need less or because we’re less able to sleep through the night (I believe the research is still inconclusive on this). Teenagers and young adult women still need [...]

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