• I am always excited when I see a new post on Feministing about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I follow the news about Israel closely from a variety of sources, and I am confident that feminist writing possesses a unique opportunity to engage the ever-more upsetting news coming from the Middle East. The feminist perspective offers the ability [...]

  • This song called “Up!” by LoveRance feat. 50 cent regularly on the radio. http://youtu.be/tUwdz6chHJk Chorus repeats: I beat the p*ssy up up up up up up up Lyrics include these lines: d*ck your girl down cuz i know she really need it put it in your gut, tear that p*ssy up tell me where it [...]

  • #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME# wrote a new blog post: Gender Issues on U.S. College Campuses for Women   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    4 gender equalities that still exist with the higher academic world College is a place filled with great educational opportunities for both male and female students. As a hopeful student myself, I once thought it offered a level playing field for both men and women to succeed. Sure, it’s been decades since the women’s movement started [...]

  • Hi Fellow Feministas, Odd Future, a popular rap group that often uses misogynistic and hateful lyrics in their songs, has a new video call “Bitch Suck Dick.” The title alone gives you enough information about how offensive this song is. The video already has over 200,000 hits on youtube. You can go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3-NcRXK-s4 and [...]

  • #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME# wrote a new blog post: MacKinnon’s “Sexuality”   3 years ago · View

    Something rings of a tautology or, at the very least, a contradiction in the piece Sexuality by Catherine MacKinnon. In the piece, she argues that sexuality is the primary source of women’s oppression globally. As radical feminists are known to do, she takes an extremely macro approach to the study of gender inequity as it relates [...]

  • Hi everyone, This is my first post on Feministing (yay)! But you all are fellow feminists, activists, and thinkers so, who better to turn to? John Yoo (you know, of torture memo fame, those “enhanced interrogation techniques”) is coming to my campus later in October. It is not a lecture but a “discussion,” meaning a [...]

  • #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME# wrote a new blog post: We’ve Had Enough   3 years ago · View

    At four in the morning on Tuesday September 27th, a woman yawns her way out of bed. She’s going to attend a rally in a far-off city she hardly ever goes to. The commuting time is around three hours and it all starts early in the morning. She spoke that day and though I don’t [...]

  • #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME# wrote a new blog post: My Contribution to “It Gets Better”   3 years ago · View

    There have been very legitimate criticisms leveled at Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” video campaign: that it has excluded LGBTQ people of color, that it assumes or encourages passivity in the face of a hostile environment, et cetera. But it has been a source of community-building, solidarity, and support, and I have offered my own  contribution [...]

  • #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME# wrote a new blog post: Enough with the fashionable gender stereotypes   3 years, 1 month ago · View

    “Who has time to do homework when there is a new Justin Bieber album out?” That was JCPenney’s product description of a shirt for girls aged 7-16. The shirt read: “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me.” Then Forever 21 created a shirt for young girls that read “Allergic to Algebra.” [...]

  • #FIRSTNAME# #LASTNAME# became a registered member   3 years, 1 month ago · View

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