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    I can’t change my avatar!

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    Can we also please talk about how Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign is run by the same folks (Unilever) who produce the vile and objectifying advertisements for Axe? So, they’re telling us to love ourselves for our naturalness and to build our low self-esteems with their magic products while simultaneously projecting the sexist standards that make [...]

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    Jesus Christ, I am so sick of the NRA. “Are THE PRESIDENT’S children more IMPORTANT than ours?” No, nobody is saying that. Are they more at risk of being attacked? Absolutely. When your parent is a leader of the free world, YES, you need higher security than Joe Schmo’s kid down the block. It is [...]

  • This comment may be a little unnecessary, but it’s Inglourious Basterds. That’s how the title is spelled, y’all. (Or misspelled, rather.)

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