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  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Do we really still not get that “no means no”?   9 months, 1 week ago · View

    OK, look. I’m kinky. I like rough sex. But you know what? My partner knows to check in every so often to make sure everything is still hunky-dory. If we know that “no” is going to be on the table, then we chose another word to mean no, like “stop” or “hold up a sec” or [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post A Gynotician: “A BA in Biologicalish Studies and Rhetoric”   1 year, 3 months ago · View

    Doctor: Hello, darlin’, I’m Dr. Proctor, how are you doing today? Patient: Ah, I’m great, Doctor. Thank you so much for seeing me, Doctor, I’m here for my checkup? D: Okay! P: And that’s covered by Obama’s new healthcare law, right? D: Oh, sweetheart, unfortunately yes it is. This whole Obamacare “law”.. we’ve tried to [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Marriage equality, you betcha!   1 year, 5 months ago · View

    WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We’ve had MN United posters swagging our entire office! It helps that our entire managerial staff is LGBT (L and G, anyway – I’m the sole B, and no Ts have applied yet), and the CEO laughs that he nearly bankrolled the entire thing, with all the meetings and fundraisers he held with Project515 [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Real Housewife’s on-air racial slur   1 year, 5 months ago · View

    I personally would chalk it up to “wait, what?” on Bravo’s part. Confession: I had no idea that was even a slur; I’ve never heard it before, and – like 80% of racial slurs I’ve come across outside the n-word – I don’t even get it. Until last year (and my god, I just turned 36), [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post The stakes are high for Danica Patrick   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    As sad as I am to say it, part of me wonders how soon after Danica wins will NASCAR start losing followers – “a girl won, so clearly it sux now.” I’ve noticed a lot of that take-my-ball-and-go-home mentality when the ladies show themselves just as capable as the gents, and not just athletics – [...]

  • I think what creeps people out is this.. “Dolls” are one thing. I have many friends who collect and make clothes for ball-joint dolls. They creep me out, I won’t lie (the dolls, not the friends), but they’re clearly unreal and toylike… with their dead eyes staring in smooth, shiny faces… sorry, slight pediophobia, moving on.. These [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Happy Galentine’s Day!   1 year, 8 months ago · View

    Well as long as it’s not Galantine‘s Day. Cuz that’s a little gross. Just a bit.

  • Won’t somebody *please* think of the children!


  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Cherry Bomb: Exploding The Virgin Voyage   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    The Big Event™ itself was fairly uneventful, but the very next day was the life-changing event. Someone at work told an off-color joke, and I didn’t blush . I was so shocked that I called my mom, glossed right over the “oh yeah, btw, not a virgin” bit and went right into “OMG does losing your virginity [...]

  • I can’t imagine it would pass in any event, due to HIPAA*. Ah, political theater at its dumbest. So.. how about those jobs, legislators? *I can’t even make a dental appointment for my boss because of HIPAA. An appointment. All I am doing is selecting a day and time, not asking for any sensitive info (even though [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Memo to Billy Crystal   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    Eddie Murphy did such an amazing whiteface Old Jewish Guy™ in Coming to America that I didn’t even know it was him until the end credits rolled. Based on the image above, that’s an equally amazing makeup and prosthetics job for Billy; this is why it’s hard for me to see the offense on first [...]

  • Amanda M. commented on the blog post Memo to Billy Crystal   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    I am curious as to why this is considered blackface. The reason I ask is because when I think blackface, I think those horrible, grimacing caricatures from the 50s and earlier. When I think of Billy Crystal doing a Sammy Davis Jr. impression, I think “Billy Crystal doing a Sammy Davis Jr. impression” – i.e. [...]

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