• And to be honest, this is the first Feministing post that has ever made me cry because I feel so marginalized.

  • ” Probably the single most universally beloved activity in the world. Of course “consent” should be affirmative; it should be excited, joyful, ecstatic. In a culture that really, truly recognized women as sexual agents with desire of their own, there’d be no question about that.” This is really depressing coming from a feminist site. What [...]

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    Also, I’m a current college student, and these women look about the same as most women on my campus. Pretty but not in a really fake way, and slim but not all size 0 and 2. Hell, this shoot makes me feel like I could model clothes.

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    I don’t think the author understands what it’s like to be an ugly nerd. I’ve always known I was never going to be beautiful, but when you’re an ugly, smart woman, people HATE you. Teachers yell at you for not acting ladylike, but when boys show off it’s fine. Other girls won’t associate with you [...]

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    Overall, this is a great piece, and I thank you for it. But if I may offer a suggestion, saying “Who doesn’t want more time for sex?” in such a flippant manner seems to assume that all people want sex. That is not true, and those kinds of assumptions marginalize asexual and sex-averse people. If [...]

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    I feel sorry for sex-averse people on the University of Tennessee’s campus. For some people, it can be traumatic to be exposed to something that causes you so much pain when you’re just trying to walk to class. Good for them that they’re trying to promote healthy practices, but Sex Week might really be intimidating [...]

  • Marie commented on the blog post WSJ writer James Taranto blames intoxicated rape victims for their own assaults   8 months, 2 weeks ago · View

    Disclaimer: Here I speak ONLY for myself, not for victims of sexual assault. Of course I believe that victims of sexual assault are in no way responsible for what happened to them. I am only referencing my own experiences. I think it’s unfair to compare Taranto’s awful, awful comments with Emily Yoffe’s article Yoffe explicitly [...]

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