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  • Kate commented on the blog post Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet   1 year, 9 months ago · View

    HA! This is amazing. Single mom, 2 kids, 260k? The richest person I know makes less than that, with husband, sans kids. I’m going into a moderately well payed field and I’ve never even imagined a future where I could make 180k even with my partner, much less raking that in while I’m retired. We’re [...]

  • Kate commented on the blog post Did Chris Brown get a tattoo of a battered woman’s face?   2 years, 1 month ago · View

    As much as I despise Chris Brown and think this tattoo was a very poor choice, it isn’t a battered woman. It’s clearly a face in make up like a Dia de los Muertos skull, there are flowers and everything. Again, still a poor choice for a guy who seems to make a lot of [...]

  • You’re so right. Women have never had any additional pressures pushed on them by society to look a certain way, so they should be as blase as you are about photoshopped dudes. I wish women would just stop complaining and calm down, am I right, buddy?

  • Kate commented on the blog post Wisconsin’s Coercive and Web Cam Abortion Prevention Act   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    I don’t understand what the webcam part of this means. Was it a weird ploy to make it seem like you want abortions to be streamed online if you voted against it?

  • Kate commented on the blog post George Zimmerman apologizes to Trayvon Martin’s parents, gets bond at $150K   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    One of the major problems with the case that you probably missed because you were away was that there was a huge amount of time where absolutely nothing was done, no charges pressed, no taking him in for additional questioning, etc. The spark that started this fire was that a black teenager was shot and [...]

  • Kate commented on the blog post The Hunger Games: A story for women and girls that everyone can love   2 years, 6 months ago · View

    You should take the time to read the book or, if you didn’t, check out the movie. Katniss thinks the romance is fake the whole time, and there’s a lot of ambiguity over her feelings. What she definitely does is subvert the system and PRETEND she’s in a budding romance to manipulate the wealthy sponsors [...]

  • Thanks, I’ll definitely go to a show or two. I didn’t even know this was happening.

  • Kate commented on the blog post Judge rules pharmacists can refuse to sell emergency contraception   2 years, 8 months ago · View

    Beer and pork are not generally considered medication by the medical field. Plan B is. No one’s rights are violated when they can’t find a rump roast. It might feel more practical to say that you are allowed to not carry a drug if someone else has it within X miles, but how do you [...]

  • Kate commented on the blog post Wesley Meredith Wins Most Sexist Political Ad of the Year   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    I’d have to wonder more about people who see a woman with lots of money and immediately jump to the conclusion “sex worker”. This kind of reasoning parallels the kind of crap I hear around my more conservative family members. This commercial was not made in a vacuum – this imagery was not accidentally offensive and [...]

  • Kate commented on the blog post Wesley Meredith Wins Most Sexist Political Ad of the Year   3 years, 11 months ago · View

    I was only vaguely annoyed until that giant roll of one-hundred dollar bills came out. Of course the narration isn’t going to say, “And by the way, we’re implying that she’s a prostitute,” but that’s definitely the message I got. There’s not many professions where one might reasonably keep rolls of cash on hand, and [...]

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